Perspective is Everything

Perspective is Everything2

“Visions,” “Dreams,” and “Goals” are all ideals that consume the hearts and minds of effective leaders.  Great leaders deeply desire the satisfaction of seeing the visions, dreams and goals of their organizations fulfilled, but sometimes, like blind spots, there are obstacles that get in the way.

Blind Spot.

An area where a person’s view is obstructed. 

Blind spots are obstacles that get in the way of achieving goals, cause bumps in the road, and cause us to feel stuck in our decision with no way out.

I believe the single greatest weapon we have against the space of being stuck is perspective. When we feel stuck we can’t see a way out – and often we won’t – unless we can view our situation from a different perspective.


A particular attitude towards something, a point of view.

John Maxwell, says that “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” If this is true (and I believe that it is), then it is imperative leaders get “unstuck” and gain the perspective that will propel them into clear thinking and action on their newly discovered focus.

Coaching is an incredible tool that can help leaders gain perspective. As you talk through your situation, a coach listens with unbiased attentiveness.  The coach takes the information you give them and asks questions that reveal your core values, dreams, and desires, unlocking the answers that are already inside of you. Coaches can help leaders arrive at a place of new perspective that gives them the point of view to see action steps and realize success.

All of the answers you need are inside of you as you partner with a coach to get unstuck and begin taking action.

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