Here are some helpful questions and answers to know about the coaching process.

1. What is the method of communication for sessions?

I want to respect your schedule so I have found the best method is by phone. Video chat is an option if that is preferred.  Depending on location we can meet for a face to face appointment.

2. What is a typical session like?

Each session will be a fifty minute coaching session specifically catered towards what ever direction you want go.  Initially, I will want to learn more about your journey. From there I will work with you to put a plan in place that will allow you to move toward your desired goals. I will use strategic questions and activities to help you determine where you want to go and what it will take to get there. You will determine the course of our times together.

3. How does coaching work?

During the coaching process, I provide assessments and tools that are designed to help you discover and rediscover how you are wired, define your strengths, identify your motivations and talents, and understand your core values. Together, we will review your results and set reasonable, attainable goals.

4. How often do we meet for sessions?

To begin I encourage clients to meet once a week for twelve consecutive weeks to build momentum. The option to reconstruct the coaching commitment or move to bi-monthly sessions is available once you have met your primary goals.

5. How much does coaching cost?

Prices vary for team coaching and individual coaching. Please contact me for more details.
(special prices for clergy)

6. When can I start coaching?

Leadership Coaching sessions are scheduled based on availability.
You start with a FREE 30 minute consultation by clicking here.

This consultation is meant to give me an opportunity to get to know you (and vice versus), while allowing me to learn more about what you hope to accomplish or change in your life. You can use this consultation to help you decide if coaching is for you. I look forward to having the chance to hear your story!

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